Student Discounts

Students who are attending university have enough on their plate to worry about, without the added stress of a super expensive phone bill on top of it all. That is why one of the best features that Vodafone can possibly offer is that of providing discounts to UK-based university students on their pay monthly bundles!

UK University students can take advantage of all the hottest new smartphones and even tablets and iPads with all of the latest devices that Vodafone has to offer, and receive 10% off just for doing so! Or, if students prefer, they can also opt to keep their old phone and simply utilize the Vodafone SIM-only plan option, while still receiving the same savings discount!

Upgrading or joining Vodafone is incredibly easy to do as well. Vodafone makes the process super simple, and orders can be placed in a multitude of ways! Perhaps the easiest way is to log on to Vodafone’s website, to place your order online. When you log on to the Vodafone website, hover your mouse over the Explore tab. Under the Explore tab, you will see Student Discount under the Cost option. Go ahead and click on that and from there you will be redirected to the Student Discount web page. From the Student Discount web page, you will be able to explore a multitude of features, including an icon that will redirect you to the online shopping web page, where you can easily search, browse and research the phone or device that you are interested in. Or, if perhaps you are more eager to visit an onsite Vodafone store, you can conduct a quick search on this web page as well to locate a Vodafone store that is nearest to your current location or your university.

When you sign up for your service online, be sure to follow the entire process through to successfully gain your monthly discount, this includes filling out the Vodafone Student Discount Form. You can access this form by clicking on the Claim Your Discount tab via the Student Discount web page. Once you click on the tab you will be redirected to the web page where all you have to do is fill out and confirm all of your student and personal information and hit confirm and Vodafone will ensure that the 10% discount is in fact credited to your account each and every month. Again, if you are going to purchase your phone or device in-store, be sure to bring your student idea to let the Vodafone employee who is finalizing your purchase that you are in fact a student and are seeking to have the student discount credited your monthly bill. Dial this Vodafone number to find out more.

Another additional option to consider in planning and making your new Vodafone purchase is to give Vodafone a call directly. Once you make the initial call to a customer service representative, you can easily speak with someone regarding what your needs and wants are, as well as you be walked through the process of making a purchase and ensuring that you will in fact be receiving your discount. And remember to be sure to check out the Vodafone website for further details and pricing options!

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